Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thirsty Stories: Young_Rodda's Trying to Holla on Myspace!

He had his music on one page already. provided  his group Hood Takers, the chance for the world to hear what D-ware had in store for summer 2006. Yet, Young_Rodda also had a page reserved for what can only be said stood to quench...the thirst.
  There were girls who took pictures of themselves in front of the mirror in the bathroom.  There were girls who took pictures with friends.  
  "You lookin good ma." "Where ya friends be at?" he asked. Young_Rodda posted comments on the message boards.  He frequently wrote "Hit me up u kno I rap right?" 
  He even found one girl in particular who piqued his interest.
  LadeeTarajah wore a pink dress that complimented her dark skin in her profile pic.  She had graphics of pink tigers. Pink leopards. A pink glittery layout. She boasted 534 friends.  
  Young_Rodda made clear his desire for her in a message that he sent:
  "Yo. What up, tho? You kno i rap about dark skinned girls? So what's up?"
  And with those lines LadeeTarajah jotted plans down to see Young_Rodda at his next show. 
  The bass beat blared.  Backstage was a melange of weed smoke, beer bottles, and bodies.  Groupie bodies.LadeeTarajah stood amongst the crowd of other girls, arms crossed sensing something like deja vu.  She looked on as the Hood Takers rocked the crowd.
  "Dat's dat!/ And dat's dat/ dat's dat!" They chanted while the audience responded.  
Young_Rodda grabbed the mic next.
  "Done wit it/ finished/ finito/ gotta go and..." 
"DAT'S DAT!" shouted the crowd. 
  Young_Rodda wiped the sweat from his brow, saluted his team, flashed a peace sign and floated backstage.
  LadeeTarajah ran to hug Young_Rodda but the groupies.  They just teemed around him.  He shot a glance at her once and then wrapped his arms around a light skinned chick and one slightly darker than LadeeTarajah.
She soon realized the faces of the groupies matched some of Young_Rodda's 976 friends.  She was heated.   
While Young_Rodda knocked down some groupies, LadeeTarajah took home the Hood Taker's hype man,Hoodie Thoro.   
  This lead to the group's breakup.  Young_Rodda soon became a solo artist and started his own label, RoddaGang Music. 
  LadyTarajah and Hoodie Thoro had two sons but never married.
  Though he struggled as a solo act, Young_Rodda never Gave up his thirst when sending those Myspacemessages.
  "What's good ma, you know i got my own company and about to go on tour, right? Holla."

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