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The Proactivist Forecast- Martina Music Group (MMG) (2012)

                                The Proactivist Forecast- Martina Music Group (MMG)

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Skylerized: Royal Sky the Skymac 47 (2007)

                                    Sky exudes confidence yet again in this webisode of Skylerized.

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Skylerized: Royal Sky the Skymac 46 (2007)

                                       This is a classic webisode of Skylerized from 2007.

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Skylerized: Royal Sky the Skymac 45 (2007)

                                   This is a classic webisode of Skylerized from 2007.

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                                                  JESUS 1(Click here to activate your mind) 

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Soulja Boy Mans Up (2011)

"The art of any given period or culture is a faithful mirror of that culture's philosophy."- Ayn Rand
  Within this anti-value culture, the entities which exist to protect individual rights (the police, the military, and the law courts) have suffered acts of physical violence and have been maligned, disrespected, and disregarded (to say the least) by the citizens who need their services.
   Rapper Soulja Boy's lyrics in his song "Let's Be Real" represent the latest results of an era where it appears to be cool to knock cops, the armed forces, and officials of the judicial system.   
  As the artist issues words  like  "f--k the FBI and f--k all the Army troops," we must recognize that yes, misconduct and malfeasance have appeared in each of the agencies mentioned above. Yet, such actions represent a minuscule part of the  appropriate functioning of these governmental groups. This, therefore, does not excuse Soulja Boy or other performers who disparage the same people who guard his and others rights to spout such vitriol. 
  It would be too easy to just passively blame Hip Hop and shake one's head at society.  Instead it is more rational to sit down, think, and encourage artists to responsibly display their opinions.
  In light of his official apology, it is important to forgive the rapper but to never forget that taking swipes at those who serve and protect us.
unacceptable.  The fact that he took the time to say sorry shows a  member of a generation struggling to live in accordance with a proper morality that has never fully manifested.  His mea culpa may just signal a young SouljaBoy ready to become a grown man.

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Skylerized: Royal Sky the Skymac 44 (2007)

                                    This is a classic webisode of Skylerized from 2007.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Made Visible

There are men who think. There are men who wish.  Then there are those who do.  The dollar is the shield for these men.  Their mind is their sword.  When they are tested, they use their weapon to fight the evil.  They wave the banner of triumph: the bill.  Cowards try to hide behind the dollar but they simply fail.  The real man is made visible when he finally decides to go for the good.  For the dollar is about uplifting the earned and only rewards the best ones.


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Skylerized: Royal Sky the Skymac 43 (2007)

                                    This is a classic Skylerized webisode from 2007.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thirsty Stories: Young_Rodda's Trying to Holla on Myspace!

He had his music on one page already. provided  his group Hood Takers, the chance for the world to hear what D-ware had in store for summer 2006. Yet, Young_Rodda also had a page reserved for what can only be said stood to quench...the thirst.
  There were girls who took pictures of themselves in front of the mirror in the bathroom.  There were girls who took pictures with friends.  
  "You lookin good ma." "Where ya friends be at?" he asked. Young_Rodda posted comments on the message boards.  He frequently wrote "Hit me up u kno I rap right?" 
  He even found one girl in particular who piqued his interest.
  LadeeTarajah wore a pink dress that complimented her dark skin in her profile pic.  She had graphics of pink tigers. Pink leopards. A pink glittery layout. She boasted 534 friends.  
  Young_Rodda made clear his desire for her in a message that he sent:
  "Yo. What up, tho? You kno i rap about dark skinned girls? So what's up?"
  And with those lines LadeeTarajah jotted plans down to see Young_Rodda at his next show. 
  The bass beat blared.  Backstage was a melange of weed smoke, beer bottles, and bodies.  Groupie bodies.LadeeTarajah stood amongst the crowd of other girls, arms crossed sensing something like deja vu.  She looked on as the Hood Takers rocked the crowd.
  "Dat's dat!/ And dat's dat/ dat's dat!" They chanted while the audience responded.  
Young_Rodda grabbed the mic next.
  "Done wit it/ finished/ finito/ gotta go and..." 
"DAT'S DAT!" shouted the crowd. 
  Young_Rodda wiped the sweat from his brow, saluted his team, flashed a peace sign and floated backstage.
  LadeeTarajah ran to hug Young_Rodda but the groupies.  They just teemed around him.  He shot a glance at her once and then wrapped his arms around a light skinned chick and one slightly darker than LadeeTarajah.
She soon realized the faces of the groupies matched some of Young_Rodda's 976 friends.  She was heated.   
While Young_Rodda knocked down some groupies, LadeeTarajah took home the Hood Taker's hype man,Hoodie Thoro.   
  This lead to the group's breakup.  Young_Rodda soon became a solo artist and started his own label, RoddaGang Music. 
  LadyTarajah and Hoodie Thoro had two sons but never married.
  Though he struggled as a solo act, Young_Rodda never Gave up his thirst when sending those Myspacemessages.
  "What's good ma, you know i got my own company and about to go on tour, right? Holla."

Friday, April 12, 2013

Skylerized: Royal Sky the Skymac 42 (2007)

                                              This is a classic webisode from 2007.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thirsty Stories: Ballagurl84's on Blackplanet, Yooooo!

She signed up for it anyway in the spring of 2002.  She had no black friends in real life, hell,  she never spoke to the black kids who went to her school.  But she submitted the form without hesitation. She used her pet cats name Hester as part of her password and threw in some numbers and symbols.  She picked her username from Lil Troys '99 classic single, "Wanna be a Balla," one of her favorite cuts. That's how  ballagurl84 was born.  
She skipped the black news reports and went straight to the chat rooms:
ballagurl84: sup?
yungdizo: yooooo.
trubble2u: nmh. jc.
ballagurl84: whutchu doin?
yungdizo: nuffin.
trubble2u: sup, ma? what u tryna do?
ballagurl84: nuffin. lol.
Though brief, this would be the budding of what can now be seen as...the thirst.  Ballagurl84 totally bypassedYungdizo and went with Trubble2u just because his name sounded dangerous.  
She put him on her e-mail list and they began sharing profile pictures and more text messages:
ballagurl84: so wen u gonna meet me?
trubble2u: wenevr.
ballagurl84: lol.
trubble2u: sike naw. it up 2 u.
ballagurl84: how bout next week?
trubble2u: cool.
Ballagurl84 gave trubble2u directions to her house.   One evening,after school, trubble2u took the 34 DART from Wilmington into Newark to see ballagurl84. Besides Hester, she was to herself at home.
"You're real," ballagurl84 exclaimed. 
"Yeah," replied trubble2u upon entering the house.  
The two teens later smashed.  Ballagurl84's parents came home soon after trubble2u had already left. She was back on the family computer logged on, and in the chat room when they arrived. Yet, this time she was in search of the one that was once overlooked:
ballagurl84: sup?
yungdizo: yooooo.
And her thirst continued to go unquenched.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Skylerized: Royal Sky the Skymac 41 (2007)

                                       This is yet another classic webisode from 2007.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Skylerized Asks: Part Three (2011)

Dame Debt
Since entrepreneur Dame Dash owes $3 million in taxes, do you think that he regrets showing off his former wealth and pouring champagne on all those video chicks back in the day?

Singled Out
In other Dash family news, as actress Stacey Dash has been allegedly booted from the VH1 show "Single Ladies," will she now become an accountant to help out her cousin Dame?

No "Kid"ding
With the arrest of rapper and actor   Christopher "Kid" Reid of Kid and Play and "House Party" fame for skipping out on court appearances   related to a DUI case, should his name now be an acronym for Known Intoxicated Driver?

Made (to play) in China
With basketball star Dirk Nowitzki being offered $1.5 million to play in China, don't you think that the German could engineer a clone to play in his place and rake in those dollars?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Skylerized: Royal Sky the Skymac 40 (2007)

                                          This is an early Skylerized webisode from 2007.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Skylerized Asks: Part Two (2011)

B-More Smart
As actress Felicia "Snoop" Pearson of the HBO  drug drama "The Wire" set in Baltimore, plead guilty to conspiracy to distribute heroin, do you think that she waited for a director to yell "cut!" right before her sentencing of three years probation?

As former governor of California and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger wore a shirt which read, "I survived Maria," should we in turn wear shirts stating, "I survived 'Jingle All the Way'"?

Hair Down
While singer Rihanna spends reportedly $23,000 a week on her hair, shouldn't she be saving that money to purchase some Rosetta Stone software so that she can speak better English during interviews?

Watch the Mouth
When rapper and producer Kanye West said that people look at him "like [he's] Adolf Hitler," do you think that he was just considering another loud mouth who obsessed about his dress standard and had a thing for Mercedes Benz vehicles?

Friday, April 5, 2013

Skylerized: Royal Sky the Skymac 39 (2007)

                                                Classic webisode from 2007.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Skylerized Asks: Part One (2011)

Big Trouble

With the arrests of rappers Big Sean for sexual assault and Big Boi for drug possession, should all eyes be on rapper Big K.R.I.T. ensuring that he doesn't get high off of E pills and start fondling females at random?

Boob Tube

After singer and rapper Nicki Minaj's nip slip on Good Morning America, do you think that ABC will be known as America's Breast Channel?

BedRock Bottom

As rapper Lil' Wayne may have to fork over $15 million for copyright infringement related to his 2009 collaboration cut "BedRock," will we see his Young Money go down like America's credit rating?

Air(head) Miles

Don't you think that former basketball player Darius Miles would have learned from comedian Katt Williams that guns and airports don't mix well?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Skylerized: Royal Sky the Skymac 38 (2007)

                                          This is a classic Skylerized webisode from 2007.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


"The word Nigger cuts deep into the root of this country and should not be banished or ignored.  The term Nigga,' so deeply embraced by current hip-hop culture, is the result of a generation in need of new intellectuals."-Troi "Star" Torain   

 Let's talk about hate.  No, I do not refer to just some reckless sense of playerhating. Rather, I mean full, pure, icy, burning Hate.  Clear your mind of concerns about your shine getting confiscated or someone smudging your new shoes.  Hate is similar to gravity: a weak force yet it still is capable of keeping your backside on the face of the Earth. If you haven't already done so, you ought to understand how this emotion is best showcased on a YouTube screen near you (while the videos are still available).    The "Unforgivable" series and companion videos like "The Visitor" and "The Long Afternoon" also produced by the videomakers Logan W. Hodge, Gunnar Fritz Stansson and RandallHaworth are responses to the current cultural climate where filth and the freshness of awareness strive to coalesce. At first glance the videos might send a shiver up your spine, arouse a twisted, toxic chuckle or just provoke a knee-jerk disapproval of the material altogether.  The character Ricky (Stansson) a young male of color, spews Nigger Nonsense simultaneously with references to arcane and/or critically acclaimed artists and athletes and/or works and publications in the name of comedy. What is displayed is actually a boisterous, subtle and vicious critique of male-female relationships entangled with race relations.  According to these videos, youths today seem to yearn to reach higher planes of thought. If viewed uncritically, however, the content might merely show members of an imperiled generation acting up, yelling out, and grasping at vapors in a foggy, dark abyss of doubt and uncertainty.    The existence of Ricky is an exercise in starting with the display of familiar and  appropriate behavior ("Visitor" and "Afternoon" serve as exceptions) such as eating at a restaurant in the mall or heading out on a camping trip or attending a Christmas party. This premise is then mixed with extremely coarse language, outrageous threats of violence, acts of force, and discussions of outlandish drug use and wanton sexual situations.  While it is not clearly stated in the videos, Ricky's "girlfriend" could be of any race or ethnic or socioeconomic background.  Regardless, Ricky relegates her and her comrades to the classic derogatory titles found in the world of hip hop. He frequently references female reproductive parts in the most explicit and derogatory of ways.  Any male Ricky encounters, no matter the skin tone, is a "Nigga" or a name reserved for a weak man or a slur related to male homosexuals.     Amidst the trash, he refers to the films of David Lean, Federico Fellini, and Woody Allen. Author Johan August Strindberg's Ms. Julie and Plato's The Republic seem to be among Ricky's literary favorites.  He brings up tennis players MarionBartoli and Roger Federer. Ricky apparently enjoys Frank Sinatra's finest recordings and acknowledges tunes by the Cocteau Twins. With all of this said, Ricky appears to be an educated hooligan hell bent on corrupting others and destroying his own mind.     Aside from Ricky's bluster and rage, non sequiters , atrocious diction, terrible grammatical phrasings, and misdirection, it's his esoteric knowledge and gnarled logic that is missing from unofficial video remixes posted by some of the millions of viewers.  Interestingly, however, most of the responses to the videos are from young women. The presence of these creations including female alternatives to Ricky at least compliments the videos ironically.  While Boundless Productions puts effort into portraying Ricky in a vulnerable light and as an example of the names he hurls at his victims, no other production teams or performers can match the underlying cogent boldness of the original HodgeStansson crew.  Not to mention, indications of the intellectual undertones and satirical intentions show up in scant comments pages and blogs.  Still, virtually no discourse covers how debasement is a reflection of Ricky's poverty.    Perversion arises out of Ricky's financial desperation.  What's sad is that Ricky feels that he is licensed to wreak chaos when and wherever he pleases merely because he is low on funds.  Ricky growls and grumbles about his money woes but fails to remember that he must first produce in order to generate a single penny.  Instead of trading with other men, he at one time or another intrudes, brandishes a knife, and steals or does both on his whims without conscious.  Instead of attempting to develop an adult, proper relationship with his girlfriend, he forcibly demands that she hand over her cash, her respect, her virtues.  Instead of regarding himself as a man capable of rational thought and therefore enabled to seek and fulfill a purpose, he stifles his abilities and slouches ever closer to degeneration.     To find Ricky to be an overgrown adolescent would be an insult to young people at the brink of maturity who hold on to their childish yet more innocuous ways.  Really, he is the archetype of the schooled buffoon and no more than a low-rent thug. Anyone willing to produce such fair reflecting the ultimate in where the gutter and high brow meet ought to do so just as  Hodge, Stanssonand Haworth have: with great lampoon and without saying sorry.

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Skylerized: Royal Sky the Skymac 37 (2007)

                                   This video, shot in 2007, is the prototype for the Skylerized brand.