Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Skylerized Asks: Part Three (2011)

Dame Debt
Since entrepreneur Dame Dash owes $3 million in taxes, do you think that he regrets showing off his former wealth and pouring champagne on all those video chicks back in the day?

Singled Out
In other Dash family news, as actress Stacey Dash has been allegedly booted from the VH1 show "Single Ladies," will she now become an accountant to help out her cousin Dame?

No "Kid"ding
With the arrest of rapper and actor   Christopher "Kid" Reid of Kid and Play and "House Party" fame for skipping out on court appearances   related to a DUI case, should his name now be an acronym for Known Intoxicated Driver?

Made (to play) in China
With basketball star Dirk Nowitzki being offered $1.5 million to play in China, don't you think that the German could engineer a clone to play in his place and rake in those dollars?

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